Here are some of the initiatives I have engaged in. They are not possible without the awesome peers and mentors I worked with along the way.

Diversity in Tech

I was the VP of Marketing at Pearl Hacks, a hackathon for female and non-binary students to explore technology. During a weekend, we provide workshops for beginners to learn about different CS topics and create a platform for them to launch their first projects. In Pearl Hacks 2020, we supported 350+ hackers with 19 workshops, 128 volunteers, 107 mentors, and 38 sponsor companies. Our participants delivered over 70 projects.

My effort towards diversity in the tech industry didn’t stop at Pearl Hacks. Last Fall, I worked with my advisor Prof. Pedro Lopes and other lab members in planning a series of events to celebrate women and non-binary technologists. You can review our event Ada Lovelace Week !

Academic Service

I got involved in HCI research in my senior year. Since then, I have been trying to contribute to the community. Most recently, I served in UIST and UbiComp 2020 as a student volunteer.

Product Community for Undergraduates

I launched UNC Product Management Club in Spring 2019, intending to build a UNC product community. As a two-time product intern at Microsoft, I understand how much lack of resources and understanding for undergraduate students to break into this field. PM Club hosts weekly events, including hands-on workshops and invited talks, to introduce product management to a broader audience. Through partnering with local startups, our members research, propose, and ship product features.