Future News Story


This is a hackathon project I worked on at Microsoft OneWeek Hackathon during my internship in summer 2018. As a program manager intern at Bing News team, I collaborated with four engineering interns. This prototype shows how we imagine the future news reading experience would be.


I led the UI/UX design of as well as front-end development in this project. My collaborators were Xingli Chen, Yingxi Hu, Huang Li, and Yu Li.

Problem Space

We are in the age of information explosion. While having access to all kinds of information through the internet, we can easily get lost and over-wasting time on finding what we truly need. News reading, specifically, is an experience of exploration and direct searching. People want to know what is happening overall while having their preferred news categories. However, current news reading is all about text reading, and search engines even add on more overheads to the process of finding the right news. We wish to make the news reading experience to be more delightful.


We identified voice as an ideal input modality for direct searching for news. With a specific news category in mind (e.g., technology), the user, with our app, can directly pull out news from that category with voice control. To ensure the freshness of news, we made use of recommendation systems to rank the article based on aggregate clicking data.

For output feedback, our app is also highly based on voice output, as we imagine our news experience operates a semi-private environment (e.g., home, car) while the users are multitasking. We also recognized that voice has its disadvantage of being “ephemeral,” in which voice information is hard to memorize or recall. We therefore designed graphical user interface to provide visual affordance.

At last, we also add on text summarization to give the user a preview of what specific article is about and whether he/she wants to read further.


From that end, we developed our prototype with the use of Bing News API, text summarization, speech recognition, and generation.

Demo unavailable out of potential copyright issue