Brainbuild AD PR Research

January 2018


The primary goal of this research is to find the target public(s) for Brainbuild and discovering how to best appeal to them specifically in regards to branding, advertising, and messaging. Brainbuild app improves users’ health by automatically syncing with users’ schedules to optimize the timing of their meals, snacks, hydration, and sleep each day.


I worked on this project with my classmates in Hussman School of Journalism and Media, mentored by Prof. Adam Saffer. My collaborators were Katie Forbidussi, Kelly Hsu, Laeral Knutson, Elizabeth Pollard, and Joe Wedra.

Research Mechanism

From analyzing secondary data from national consumer survey analysis database Simmons Oneview, we identified two target audiences:

  • Females aged 25-34 that are employed full-time
  • Females aged 18-22 studying full-time in college

Following one group of our target audiences, we conducted one focus group comprised of four participants to research the target demographics’ attitudes on messaging of health and fitness apps.

We also designed a survey to research the attitudes and feelings of college students aged 18-24 on advertisements and messaging of health and fitness apps.


We present to our client with the following suggestions:

  • Brainbuild should maintain its clean, colorful visual design
  • Brainbuild should become more personalized for each user, both within the app and with its messaging
  • Brainbuild needs to become more active on social media
  • Interact with its audience to gain brand awareness and identity, as well as to garner a larger audience
  • Utilize as the main outlet of advertising and messaging

Quantitative Research Report